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Cryonics has been defined as "the technology for freezing a person after a terminal illness or a fatal accident, in the hope that medical science will be able to revive that person in the future, when life extension and anti-aging have become a reality". Cryonic suspension is an emergency medical procedure designed to save lives (much like Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), a last-ditch effort to forestall irreversible brain damage. Since the first individual was cryonically preserved in 1967, a handful of firms have sprung up offering cryopreservation and/or storage services to the general public.(Badger, 1998)

This web site is maintained by the Danish Cryonics Support Group (DCSG). It consists primarily of Danish members of the Cryonics Institute (CI) and those interested in becoming members of a suspension organization.

People wishing to be kept up to date about activities should sign up for site membership. This is not the same as membership in the Danish Cryonics Support Group. Site membership permits reading and responding in the discussion forum. No messages are sent from this site except upon request, and they can be turned off at any time (see Policies below). The membership list is not public.

As part of its public information program, lectures are available on a variety of topics, including technologies related to life-extension (genetic engineering, anti-ageing drugs, nanotechnology, cryonic suspension, health informatics), social implications of these new technologies, and philosophical foundations of the movement.

A well received presentation from our program (2 hrs):

Existential Foundations of Culture:
New prospects

David Stodolsky, PhD

Awareness of the inevitability of death in an animal programmed for self-preservation created the potential for paralyzing terror. According to existential psychology, the human species created culture, a system of meanings that overlays the natural world and elevates humans to a higher plane of existence, to control this terror. Cultural worldviews reduce anxiety by conceiving a universe with order and meaning, by providing standards of value derived from that conception, and by promising protection and/or death transcendence to those who meet those standards.

Worldviews are based upon the physical capabilities of the societies which create them. Developing life-extension technologies, such as cloning, suspended animation, and nanotechnology offer new options for protection and death transcendence. New information technologies, including personal computers and wireless networking, permit enhanced protection from infection and genetic disease. They also permit greatly enhanced freedom and security in personal and social relationships. We consider the possibilities that these technologies offer for a new cultural system.



Presentation in English, questions in Danish

David Stodolsky has had many years of experience as a professor at universities in the USA and Scandinavia. He has published scientific articles in the fields of psychology, political science, and information technology. David is now director of the Institute for Social Informatics. Danish Computer Professional's Union Magazine interview:

Computersikkerhed - et spørgsmaal om psykologi [The psychology of computer security].

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